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Mission Statement

siRNAx, Inc. is an early stage drug discovery and development company.  The mission of siRNAx, Inc.
is to develop fusion proteins for the targeted delivery of short interfering RNA (siRNA).  

siRNAx, Inc.’s initial disease target of Waldenstrom's macroglobulinemia. This disease is caused by the uncontrolled production of the IgM antibody.  siRNAx, Inc.’s fusion protein will deliver the siRNA to the plasma cells which secrete the IgM.  The siRNA will then turn off the production of the IgM in the malignant plasma cells. 

This company was founded by Dr. Michael R. Simon and Dr. R. Michael Garavito as an S corporation on August 31, 2012. Dr Simon is its majority shareholder. Dr. Simon and Dr. Garavito are the co-inventors of the relevant intellectual property. 

The cellular and protein targeting by siRNAx's fusion protein delivery of siRNA will minimize the often severe side effects that are seen with current cancer treatments.

siRNAx, Inc. is located in Ann Arbor, MI, USA.